The 100 greatest ideas for building the business of your by Ken Langdon

By Ken Langdon

In a hundred maximum principles for construction the company of Your goals you will discover the: 7 maximum principles for Taking the Plunge five maximum principles for Financing your small business four maximum principles for maintaining in contact with the marketplace 6 maximum rules for development inventive Plans three maximum rules for construction the Empire of Your goals ...and seventy five different excellent rules, assistance and methods that may take you and your small business to the very best!

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If you have filled them all in apart from bits that genuinely do not apply to your business, then you can rest assured you have covered all the angles. • They are the first and probably the last bit of free consultancy that the bank will give you. Now don't forget the point about negotiation. If you find it difficult to fill in one set of bank forms, you may not relish the thought of doing two. And yet, that is what you must do if you are to get the best deal. You need to play one off against another.

We know, and so does the builder, that the value on the balance sheet should be written off now, knocking a significant sum of money off the bottom line. But, we happen also to know, this would not please the bank manager one little bit. He or she was promised profits at such and such a level and that is what they want to see. So the builder wheels the mixer into a dark corner of the yard and everyone is happy. Profit is an opinion. Reality strikes only when the builder needs cement and a mixer; it will cost cash to hire a mixer and buy the raw materials.

Customers will tell you what ideally they want from you if you ask the right questions. You may not be able to achieve the ideal the customer is searching for, but if you know what it is you should come close. Not all the criteria will have the same importance to a customer, so the final step in this technique is to put a priority against each criterion. When you have finished defining the buying criteria and the customer's ideal, think about their relative importance on a scale of 1-10. You do not want, when it comes to making decisions about what your offering is going to be, to work hard on issues which the 20 • The 100 Greatest Ideas for Building the Business of Your Dreams customer thinks less significant, if it means putting less effort into issues which they believe to be vital.

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