350 Exercices De Vocabulaire Niveau Avance by Collective, Sorbonne

By Collective, Sorbonne

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Returning to the cave, she entered its narrow mouth. For a short three feet she was compelled to crouch, then the walls widened and rose higher in a little round chamber nearly six feet in diameter. The roof barely cleared her head. It was dry and cosey. She inspected it with painstaking care, while One Eye, who had returned, stood in the entrance and patiently watched her. She dropped her head, with her nose to the ground and directed toward a point near to her closely bunched feet, and around this point she circled several times; then, with a tired sigh that was almost a grunt, she curled her body in, relaxed her legs, and dropped down, her head toward the entrance.

Unroll: aufrollen, rolle auf, rollen auf, rollst auf, rollt auf, abrollen. vista: Durchblick, Blick. Jack London 47 of such a shadow, as he crept and circled around, and came up well to leeward of the silent, motionless pair. He lay down in the snow, depositing the ptarmigan beside him, and with eyes peering through the needles of a low-growing spruce he watched the play of life before him--the waiting lynx and the waiting porcupine, each intent on life; and, such was the curiousness of the game, the way of life for one lay in the eating of the other, and the way of life for the other lay in being not eaten.

Smote: quälte. springs: Federung. sterner: Strenger. tickling: kitzelnd, kitzlig. tore: Riss. vein: Ader, Vene, Blutader. yielded: wicht, wichst, wichen, wich, gewichen, gab nach, brachtest ein, gewonnen, brachten ein, eingebracht, brachte ein. yielding: weichend, einbringend, nachgiebig. Jack London 37 When the young leader lay in the snow and moved no more, One Eye stalked over to the she-wolf. His carriage was one of mingled triumph and caution. He was plainly expectant of a rebuff, and he was just as plainly surprised when her teeth did not flash out at him in anger.

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