A Christmas Blizzard by Garrison Keillor

By Garrison Keillor

A quick comedian novel a few Hawaii-bound vacation traveller who finally ends up stranded in his North Dakota place of origin in the course of a blizzard.

A prosperous and depressed guy (thanks to the economic system he’s now not particularly wealthy sufficient to extend his cache of work through Vincent Van man, the famed Dutch realist) sure for Christmas within the tropics is all of sudden summoned domestic to North Dakota to go to an sick aunt. He arrives simply in time to be trapped there through a snowfall. The electrical energy is going out, and whilst it does, figures from his early life seem, and old figures too, for a festive candlelit vacation. In his reverie, our guy reaches an epiphany beneficial of the season—he hears the harkening angels sing, he's awed by means of the silence of the evening (dead quiet: now not even television) and whilst he's eventually rescued, leaves North Dakota resolved to simplify his existence.

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