A Comprehensive Indonesian-English Dictionary - Second by Alan M. Stevens

By Alan M. Stevens

This moment version of A accomplished Indonesian-English Dictionary brings the hugely profitable first variation brand new with 1000's of recent entries in company, legislations, and finance, in addition to really expert terminology within the fields of know-how, engineering, mining, and building. according to 5 years of study, together with enter from clients, this re-creation deals readers the most up-tp-date details on names of political events, acronyms for presidency places of work, Islamic phrases, colloquial pronunciations, and abbreviated varieties utilized in blogs and e mail. As with the unique version, the dictionary is designed to be as straight forward as attainable. Root phrases, meanings, proverbs, idioms, compounds that start with the foundation note, and derivatives are given. hundreds of thousands of pattern sentences from basic assets illustrate which means and utilization; no sentences are invented, making sure whole authenticity and reliability. the hot version, followed by way of a CD-ROM, is vital for reference libraries, in addition to scholars and students of Indonesian.

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Meréka bersama-sama ~ biaya negeri. Together they care­ fully determined state expenditures. ~ sénténg (M) to stint, skimp, set limits on, cut corners. mengagak-agakkan to imagine, guess, ¤gure out. teragak 1 (M) to long for, desire, crave. Ia ~ benar ke kampung­ nya. He really feels homesick. 2 guessed, thought about, antic­ ipated. tidak ~ unguessable. Tidak ~ perginya. His departure was not anticipated. t. , it occurred to me to ... teragak-agak 1 (M) to long for, desire, crave. ). agak-agakan guesses.

Meréka baca-tulis to teach them (how) to read and write. belajar ~ to learn how to teach, learn teach­ing. Jangan ajar orang tua makan kerak. t. they al­ ready know. o. o. a lesson he won’t forget; → MENGHAJAR. mengajari [and ngajarin (J coq)] 1 to train, teach, instruct. Dia diajari bahasa Be­landa. He was taught Dutch. o. , pass on (knowledge). Dia ~ ba­hasa Indonésia. She has been teaching Indonesian. t. be a lesson (for). ajaran 1 teaching. Dia tak makan ~. He never learns. 2 warning. 3 theory, doctrine, dogma.

Ahlul hilli wal aqdi (A) authoritative elders. ahlulkitab (A) 1 “People of the Book” monotheists other than Muslims. 2 scribe. ahlulkubur (A) the deceased. ahlulnikah (A) those related by marriage, in-laws, af¤nes. ahlulsuluk (A) mystics. ahlunnujum (A) astrologer. ahlusunnah (A) traditional. – wal-jamaah term used by Sunni Mus­ lims to describe themselves, usually in distinction to the Syi’ah. ahluts-tsughur (A) those who fight to defend Islam. ahmad (A) 1 praiseworthy. 2 admired. ahmak (A) silly, simple, stupid, dull.

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