A Dictionary of Japanese Particles by Sue A. Kawashima

By Sue A. Kawashima

For English-speaking scholars of jap, debris are possibly the main tough point of the language to benefit. it'd be no exaggeration to assert that, for many humans, they could by no means be thoroughly mastered. hence, the examine of debris is an entire life project, and scholars desire a lifelong spouse to assist them alongside the best way. That spouse is A Dictionary of eastern Particles. masking over a hundred debris in alphabetical order, the dictionary explains the meanings of every (most have multiple) and offers pattern sentences for every which means. Illustrations are supplied the place important for explanation. There also are workouts in the back of the e-book if you desire to try their wisdom of particle utilization. Appendices and endpaper charts are supplied for simple entry. A Dictionary of eastern Particles is a necessary reference paintings, intended for use through the years as scholars proceed to confront perplexing debris.

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30 words).

Org Across 1 4 5 8 absitzend nistet heimlich leugnete ab, abgeleugnet, leugneten ab 11 liebeskrank 12 Faulenzer 14 Hinwerfend 15 frei, steuerfrei 19 schätzenswert, achtenswert 20 Artischocke, die Artischocke 22 unveränderlich 23 Beschmutzt, Schmutzigkeiten, Widerlichkeiten 25 Badewanne 26 Rauheit, Rauhheit, Rohheit 27 lecker 28 Autokolonne 29 Dübelt Down 2 sich schlecht benehmen, etwas falsch machen 3 klappernd 6 Vielfraß, Freßsack, Fresser 7 zischend, brausen, sprudeln 9 Andersdenkende 10 erhaltend 13 begehrlich, begierig, gierig 16 unterscheidet, benachteiligt 17 Faustschläge 18 ungeschminkt, ungefirnißt, unlackiert 21 Abwaschtuch, Wischtuch 24 herausplatzen 25 geschwächt, verringerte Solutions: artichoke, bated, bathtub, blurt, changeless, clacking, clandestinely, covetous, disavowed, discriminates, dishcloth, dismounting, dissenter, dowels, estimable, fisticuffs, fizzing, glutton, jotting, lounger, lovesick, misbehave, motorcade, nestles, rawness, retentive, scrumptious, smuts, untaxed, unvarnished.

30 words). org 64 Puzzle #60: Level 9 - Tricky 1 3 2 4 5 7 6 8 9 10 11 12 14 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 23 22 24 25 26 27 28 29 © Philip M. org Across 1 einwandfrei 4 Standorte 5 Nahrungsmittel, Ernährung, Kost 7 Verbot, Ächtung 8 erodiert, zerfrißt, wäscht aus 12 Aktualität 17 Schlagersänger 18 20 24 25 27 28 29 getobt gehäkelt, häkelte Schnürsenkel Rotz, Schnotten Begeisterungen Diskettenlaufwerke Erstickung Down 1 aufgetrennt, unsortiert 2 Bachufer 3 heftig 6 Truppentransporter 9 regnerisch, launenhaft, unbeständig 10 duldend, einwilligend, hinnehmend 11 zuschreiben, insinuieren, schreibe zu 13 spricht aus 14 Fjord 15 Muttermal 16 Bauernhäuser, Bauernhöfe 19 zentripetal 21 klebrig 22 kommunizierend 23 närrisch, plump, possierlich 26 Spielband Solutions: acquiescing, asphyxiation, birthmark, brookside, centripetal, clownish, communing, crocheted, crooner, emplacements, erodes, fiord, floppies, foodstuff, homesteads, impetuously, impute, pronounces, proscription, raptures, rioted, ropy, shoelace, showery, snot, spools, topicality, troopship, unobjectionable, unpicked.

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