A First Book of C++, Fourth Edition by Gary J. Bronson

By Gary J. Bronson

Gary Bronson's a primary publication OF C++, Fourth version, takes a hands-on, utilized method of the 1st programming language path for college kids learning laptop technological know-how. The booklet starts off with procedural programming in C, after which steadily introduces object-oriented programming beneficial properties and the C++ language syntax that allows first-time programmers to take advantage of them.

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Except for strings, quotation marks, identifiers, and keywords, C++ ignores all white space. 1 and making sure not to split the string Helloƒthereƒworld! ”; ƒƒreturnƒ0; } Although this version of main() does work, it’s an example of poor programming style because it’s difficult to read and understand. For readability, the main() function should always be written in this standard form: intƒmain() { ƒƒprogramƒstatementsƒinƒhere; ƒƒreturnƒ0; } In this standard form, the function name starts at the left margin (call this column 1) and is placed with the required parentheses on a line by itself.

The simplest C++ program consists of the single function main() and has this form: #includeƒ usingƒnamespaceƒstd; intƒmain() { ƒƒprogramƒstatementsƒinƒhere; ƒƒreturnƒ0; } This program consists of a preprocessor #include statement, a using statement, a header line for the main() function, and the body of the main() function. The body of the function begins with the opening brace, {, and ends with the closing brace, }. 5. All executable C++ statements within a function body must be terminated by a semicolon.

Each function, however, always returns to the function that initiated its execution. This is true even for main(), which returns control to the operating system that was in effect when main() was initiated. 1c 15 1/18/11 10:43 AM 16 Getting Started main() You go first I’m done 1st module You go second I’m done 2nd module You go third I’m done . . 10 3rd module . . 11 The structure of a main() function The keyword before the function name defines the type of value the function returns when it has finished operating.

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