A Jazz Lexicon by Robert S Gold

By Robert S Gold

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Collaborative Creative Thought and Practice in Music

The inspiration of the person writer, a product partially of the Western romantic perfect, is now stricken by way of money owed and causes of creativity as a social build. whereas in collectivist cultures the assimilation (but no longer the denial) of person authorship into the complexities of workforce creation and gain has been a characteristic, the proposal of the lone person writer has been chronic.

Being Musically Attuned: The Act of Listening to Music

Listening in response to temper is perhaps what most folks do once they take heed to tune. we wish to participate in, or maybe join, the rising international of the musical paintings. utilizing the assets of musical background and philosophy, Erik Wallrup explores this super imprecise and elusive phenomenon, that's held to be basic to musical listening to.

The Book of Music and Nature: An Anthology of Sounds, Words, Thoughts

This cutting edge publication and CD, assembled by way of the editors of the popular periodical Terra Nova, is the 1st anthology released almost about tune and nature. Lush and evocative, yoking jointly the simplicities and complexities of the realm of normal sound and the song encouraged through it, this assortment contains essays, illustrations, and lots of sounds and track.

The Origins of Music

The Origins of track was once first released in German in 1911. during this textual content Carl Stumpf set out a path-breaking speculation at the earliest musical sounds in human tradition. along his examine in such different fields as classical philosophy, acoustics, and arithmetic, Stumpf turned the most influential psychologists of the overdue nineteenth century.

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3. The word "boogie" was derived from our old grandmothers' use of the word meaning the devil. When the kids broke the rules in any way we were told that the "Boogie man" was going to in the South, . . it BOOK [30] get us. ally The blues were considered alluded to love Boogie-Woogie as usu- it p. 129. , aflFairs. eight-to-the-bar certain rhythms, mostly using the twelve-measure Blues pattern — 1946 Harvard Dictionary of Music, p. Mention must be made of a special type of piano blues known as Boogie-Woogie, which was heard at Negro "rent parties" in Chicago in the early 1920's long before it became famous in the world at large.

Blow up a breeze (or Blowing Up storm), [current To play music very rare since] c. " . 1935-c. 1945, excitingly. Y. Sunday News, 6 p. 25. , . BLOWER Having blown up a storm Stiles packed his ax. p. 94. hard ) Storm • . n. ] worked Blow Up a (translation: — 1959 some currency [chiefly a writers' term; A soloist; 1955] 26 of novel ) title ( blower, c- [ since the hearer or reader must judge from the context whether the term being used in a pejorative is sense (a desultory blower) y an honorific sense (an inspired blower), or a neutral sense (a soloing blower).

A is, The ending has 1946 The PL Yearbook . urge found with its its . the final Oct. pp. a repetition first, of course, unnecessary. gang of good solo . . — 1940 leading to — 1941 Gems of Jazz: Vol. a boisterous all-in finale. p. 3. jazz, — 1926 Melody Maker, see 1946 quot. every RroE-oux, . Ill, four bars of all-in jamming. — of Jazz, p. 32. Their improvisatory expression in the disjointed "Jam session," string of solos followed by a chaotic "all-in" chorus. all over. v. over. all reat, all reet, alreet, all root, [corruptions of all right; of.

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