A Little History of My Forest Life: An Indian-White by Eliza Morrison

By Eliza Morrison

Written in 1894 and lately recovered from the information of the college of Minnesota, this wonderful autobiography tells the tale of a Chippewa–Scots French lady from Madeline Island in Lake more advantageous. the kid and grandchild of fur investors, Eliza Morrison tells of a tricky and lovely lifestyles carved out of the wilderness—the “starving time” along with her husband John on a home in northern Wisconsin; her travels by means of boat, puppy sled, and strolling; and the enjoyment of creating maple syrup within the spring. Generously illustrated with pictures, drawings, and maps, Métis tradition comes alive as local American lore and historical past are mixed with homesteading tales in actual mixed-blood style, giving a 19th-century woman’s view of the Wisconsin dying March, the Dream Dance, and the Chippewa-Dakota warfare in addition to a private examine the everyday life of a fur buying and selling kin. additionally integrated is a word list of Chippewa phrases.

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Morrison also notes how surprised she was when she moved to the reservation and heard so many Indians speaking English. @ Introduction @# speak English. . ” This was evidence that federal policy was working although at terrible cost, since loss of language frequently means losses of culture, not adaptation. 20 One could, as the Morrisons had earlier, move to the woods, but that option would not work forever. Not only is much of northern Wisconsin unsuitable for farming, the reality of a frontier homestead was that, after a certain age, it was physically too hard to John and Eliza Morrison with Eunice Sero and Grandchildren at Odanah 1910.

My husband said “I did not think to get a wife so quick. ” One week after we was married he said he had to go back to Saint Croix Falls where he came from. He said he would be gone about twelve days. ” They say nimidana ashinanogosivin. How many miles is it. “100 and 90 miles” he says “by the road. ” “Oh no. It would be to far for you to walk. ” My husband went off on the 4th of October 1865. He of course left me what money he had with me, to be gone 12 days. Before he went off I asked him if I could visit my white friends while he was gone.

I of course spoke in Chippewa language. He began to tell me how he was going to the North Shore of Lake Superior, way out to Misabay mountain to hunt and trap to make money. ” Here I kept quiet while he was telling me what he was to do. ” I had no idea he would be my husband in 5 days from that time. He says “We are 3 in partners. ” “Yes. I have found you. ” he says. ” “You mean when you come back from Misabay Mountain” I say “Now or in a week from now? ” “I mean just what I say. ” “If you mean that, we can get ready and get married, because I like you.

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