A Practical Approach to Eighteenth-Century Counterpoint by Robert Gauldin

By Robert Gauldin

Gauldin has ready a booklet which leads you rigorously and methodically via counterpoint. The books assignments are its maximum assest. simply because they typically construct on earlier assignments, make certain to not pass any. the teachings are competitive, yet simply in the course of self-study.

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Many pupils within the project clearly did find some of the technologies useful, especially those that provided a wider range of sounds than was normally available and those that enabled new ways of manipulating sounds such as the software ProTools, a digital audio mixing programme that works in a similar way to that of a traditional multi-track tape recorder. However, although a wide range of software and hardware was made available to the pupils, it became apparent that some were too difficult to master given the project’s time frame.

The orthodoxy of technological determinism, however flawed it might be, remains immensely powerful in contemporary society, and the phenomenal development and widespread availability of information, communication and digital technologies continue to fuel this ‘myth’. A technologically determined orthodoxy can be detected in the early theorizing about the mass media as a natural sensory extension to ourselves, encapsulated in McLuhan’s famous phrase ‘the medium is the message’, in which the ‘message’ of the medium or technology supposedly accelerates and changes human lives.

So, in light of these reservations, in what ways can a cyborgian subjectivity be potentially transformative? Balsamo’s (1999) reading of the cyborg is helpful in this regard, in her conception of it as a symbol for interpreting how old and new technologies and old and new identities can work together. She envisages the assemblage of the female as parts of women’s experiences that can be reassembled in such a way that seeks to ground the female cyborg in a material sense. Unfortunately, a purely symbolic representation does little to disrupt the material constraints faced by women in their technological encounters.

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