Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry, Vol. 59 by Derek Horton

By Derek Horton

In view that its inception in 1945, this serial has supplied serious and integrating articles written by means of study experts that combine business, analytical, and technological facets of biochemistry, natural chemistry, and instrumentation method within the learn of carbohydrates. The articles supply a definitive interpretation of the present prestige and destiny traits in carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry. top of the range complete experiences protecting all features of carbohydrate chemistry

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O. L. Fischer, The synthesis of dihydroxyacetone phosphate, J. Am. Chem. , 78 (1956) 1659–1661. 19. W. G. Overend, M. Stacey, and L. F. Wiggins, Deoxy-sugars. Part IV. A synthesis of 2-deoxy-dribose from d-erythrose, J. Chem. , (1949) 1358–1363. 20. A. S. Perlin, Tetrose. d-Erythrose, Methods Carbohydr. , 1 (1962) 64–66. 21. C. E. Ballou, H. O. L. Fischer, and D. L. MacDonald, The synthesis and properties of d-erythrose 4-phosphate, J. Am. Chem. , 77 (1955) 5967–5970. 22. M. McNeil, S. J. Wallner, and P.

137 The fructose units are joined to each other by ␤-(2→1) links and glucose residues may be linked to the end of the chain by an ␣-(1→2) linkage, as in sucrose. Inulin is a polydisperse oligosaccharide having degree of polymerization of DP 2–60. 139 Fructose has also been found in the capsular polysaccharides of strains of Haemophilus influenza. 140 Preparation. The abundance and wide distribution of d-fructose in natural products, its sweetness, and its poor crystallizing properties have stimulated considerable experimental work on methods of preparation.

It occurs free in blood, cerebrospinal fluid, fruits, honey, lymph, plant juices, and urine, and is a major component of many oligosaccharides and d-glucosides, including sucrose. The most abundant polysaccharides, cellulose, starch, and glycogen are glucans. Preparation. 5 M) is completely hydrolyzed to glucose within 5 min without the formation of colored byproducts. The same suspension of starch heated at 100 ◦ C in sealed tubes was hydrolyzed to glucose after 60 min, but some retrograded starch still remained suspended in the solution.

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