Aikido: Coordination of Mind and Body for Self Defence by Koichi Tohei

By Koichi Tohei

Aikido is in strict accord with the legislation of nature and offers a notable co-ordination of psychological and actual states. each flow calls for consistent perform and excellent co-ordination. This ebook explains intimately Aikidos guiding spirit and the fifty uncomplicated strategies.

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In AIKIDO. every movement becomes art Hsclf. but thiS is possible only when mind and body are coordinalcd. Onc who observe... only the bodily movements of AIKIDO and ignores the laws of the mllld can l:llk

If your Xi returns 10 you as in diagram I-B, then the pmctice is useless. This Nikro an can oflen be used tosubdue an opponent when he seizes you by your lapel or chest . • Diagram 1 • 2. Kale Gaeshi Stand naturally as in Nikyo. AI count One, bend your left wriSI 10 the inside and with your righl hand help to bend it even more. ly bend with Ihe thumb. If the thumb does all the work, the shoulder is called upon to do too much. The little finger and ring finger oppose the thumb in gmsping the wrist at ti':e joint and a downward thrust with both hands n:HU· .

His undeviating determination was to devote himself to training so Ihal he could Iflumph over all others. During Ihe Russo·Japanese W:tr (19:)4-1905). he volunteered for service in the Japanese army. fighting at Ihe front and testing his own slrength and his command over the arts. :d as a forem:ln of the immigrants. Even while engaged in farming, his obsession was his training in the martial arts. With only a bokkf'T1 (wooden s\l,ord). he wandered :tll over Jap.. n and if he found one superior to him.

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