Air-conditioning and refrigeration by Wang S.K.

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A compound system consists of two or more © 1999 by CRC Press LLC 9-45 Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration compression stages connected in series. It may have one high-stage compressor (higher pressure) and one low-stage compressor (lower pressure), several compressors connected in series, or two or more impellers connected internally in series and driven by the same motor. 11) Compared to a single-stage system, a multistage has a smaller compression ratio and higher compression efficiency for each stage of compression, greater refrigeration effect, lower discharge temperature at the high-stage compressor, and greater flexibility.

The state point of supply air must be determined first by drawing a space conditioning line with known SHRs and then from the calculated supply temperature differential ∆Ts. The difference in humidity ratio (ws – wch) is the water vapor must be added at the humidifier. 8. 5[c]) is widely used in industrial applications such as textile mills where a cold air supply is needed to remove machine load in winter and maintains the space relative humidity required for the manufacturing process. An outdoor air and recirculating air mixture is often used for the required cold air supply.

Basic Air-Conditioning Cycle — Winter Mode When the basic air-conditioning systems are operated in winter mode, their air-conditioning cycles can be classified into the following four categories: Cold Air Supply without Space Humidity Control. 4. Usually, a humidifier is not used. The winter cycle of a cold air supply without humidity control consists of the following air-conditioning processes: 1. Adiabatic mixing process of outdoor air and recirculating air o m r. 2. Sensible heating process due to supply fan power heat gain m sf.

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