All-purpose Offenses for Men's and Women's Basketball (Art & by Harry L.Mike Harkins, Jerry Krause

By Harry L.Mike Harkins, Jerry Krause

Ebook by means of Harkins, Harry L.Mike, Krause, Jerry

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Diagram 3-4 Offside Stack Shuffle Diagram 3-5 Reset The Post Comeback Variation It soon becomes obvious that there are no scoring options for (5). To prevent (5)'s defender from jamming the middle, the post comeback variation may be run. Diagram 3-6 shows the pattern at a point where (5) has performed his or her screening functions and is moving to form a new double screen on the side away from the ball. Note in Diagram 3-6 that (5)'s defender, X5, feels safe to step out and hedge on (1)'s cut over the double screen.

Diagram 2-41 Screen Down Diagram 2-42 Screen Down Then once the ball is returned to the point, a new sequence may be keyed. In Diagram 2-43, (3) keys an overload by cutting to the corner or short corner, and in Diagrams 2-44, (3) keys a triangle play with a cut to the ballside low-post area. Page 39 Diagram 2-43 Slash to Overload Diagram 2-44 Slash to Triangle These keys allow the two plays to be run interchangeably. The stacked UCLA shuffle utilizes the stack, the UCLA slash cut, and the shuffle cuts.

This zone offense is based on passing game principles. It overloads, overshifts, screens, and tests the middle of the zone. It is very easy to teach to passing game teams. Page 27 Chapter 2 The Stacked UCLA Shuffle This motion starts in a double stack, follows with the UCLA slash play, and concludes with a shuffle pattern. That combination of top offensive maneuvers should lead to many high-percentage shot opportunities. The inclusion of quick-shot options (stack and UCLA slash cut) and the clock-killing shuffle will help a team meet the time constraints of ''shot clock" basketball.

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