An Earthquake - The Bastar Rebellion - CBT by Loveleen Kacker

By Loveleen Kacker

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Arki Boiyya spoke with eyes to the ground. His voice had a different timbre—remote and sonorous. Kalandiya got the feeling that Arki Boiyya was in a different world and he was seeing things that he himself was not seeing. "Will there be demons? " Kalandiya's voice was fearful. " Arki Boiyya refused to say more, even as Kalandiya was bubbling with questions. He stood before the god, knees bent and hands joined in obeisance above his head. His ash-smeared body began swaying rhythmically to some music that only he could hear.

Kalandiya's curiosity was aroused. "The feringhees are dacoits, looters! They have taken from us the jungle and the earth, which is our mother. Now they want the forests. " "Yes! Hunger and begar! The forests are reserved they say. What does it mean? It means that we cannot cut the wood but they can loot the jungle as much as they like. All that we get is a pittance for a wage. Our 41 homes are gone and our means of livelihood are gone. " "Yes, my brothers, yes. And as if that were not enough, what does the feringhee do now?

Said Jugho. She instinctively moved away from him. " "I do. " There was silence. "Do not be afraid of me, Jugho," said Kalandiya. I want to dance," she whispered and hurried to the clearing in front of the ghotul leaving Kalandiya staring after her. The drummers were picking up the rhythm now and so were the dancers. Jugho quickly slipped into the snaking line of the women dancers and joined in the high-pitched singing too. The boys snaked in a separate line in front of the girls. Every time the boys raised their heels they moved their waists so as to make the bunches of bells that hung at the waists clash.

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